Accountants are scared that increasing automation will destroy their jobs and that they’ll be left behind because they lack the right skills, according to a new survey.
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A survey carried out for revealed that four in ten accountants fear for their professional futures with that number rising to 50% for those under 30. The role of the accountant has changed over the past five to ten years according to the significant majority of those questioned.

Today, as competitive pressures increase, it is important to stay ahead. Automation can be beneficial and CounterBooks offers up to 95% automation for you and your client, allowing you more time to attract and retain customers, build sales and increase profits.

CounterBooks can be deployed quickly as there is no need for IT personnel to visit the end-user sites. For example, if you have 800 clients in a country, you can deploy CounterBooks online with comprehensive training without needing to visit the client’s retail sites, thereby providing substantial cost savings and the ability to quickly deploy a network wide system.