Most people spend their time working in the business and not necessarily on the business
— Dr.Tony Vericillo
Easy to use
No experience needed
Reduce errors

Understanding the Future helps people formulate a strategy to deal with it, and understanding multiple levels of trend puts people in a better position to execute their plans. CounterBooks is designed with this specific purpose in mind. The first version of CounterBooks (Pro-Retail) was developed in the 1990's by a frustrated computer programmer-turned-retailer who struggled with traditional accounting systems which were not developed for retail businesses. His aim was to provide an easy to use system suitable for a retailer with no accountancy experience while still providing full, easily understandable data reporting.

CounterBooks has since developed into a sophisticated and feature-rich accounting system trusted by retailers across the world while remaining true to the original "easy to use" design philosophy.

Business model - Developed with Retailer in mind who sell goods for immediate exchange of cash and credit card payments

Automation and integration - Retail businesses are often high volume transaction businesses - automation is therefore critical to maintain a low cost base. CounterBooks integrates with POS and back office systems, reducing the time and cost involved entering data by up to 95%

Reports - View and analyse category sales, margins, stock reports and cash differences

Data entry - Enter cash movements, sales, credit sales, purchases easily through purpose built functionality

Controls - Track cash takings on a day by day basis, manage debtor accounts for credit cards, promotional offers and store cards, view stock purchases by supplier