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Real time cloud accounting: Gain greater visibility over your business, make decisions faster so the focus can be where it should be, improve Customer Satisfaction.

There are several revenue streams hospitality companies must manage, from reservation, upgrades, room service, food and beverage sales, spa appointments and more. Without an automated way to view, track and analyse this data, a general manager or financial manager will have no clear sense of how operations are performing and where it is possible to cut costs.

CounterBooks helps collect all the incoming financial data into one system and can offer a dashboard view to see operations at a glance. In addition to assisting with the daily accounting tasks, CounterBooks gives managers tools to handle back office financial duties, like property maintenance, payroll, and general costs.

Reporting capabilities turn this data into actionable insights; see where your property generates the most revenue, find out which service areas are dragging or reveal which maintenance task are eating into your bottom line.